Monday, January 11, 2010


Well I am officially back! My holiday eating vacation is over today. I went to Trader Joe's and Henry's yesterday and stocked up on my old favorites as well as some new things that I have heard great things about. I look like I live in a home of an organic vegetarian if you look in my pantry. If you look in the fridge you will find lean meats, shrimp, and turkey. So after trying low carb without siccess in the long term I have decided to go with the age old idea of burning more calories then I intake. I will be simply writing down in a journal how many calories I eat each day without going over 1200 but also going no lower than 1000. I will allow myself 1 day a week that I go a little higher maybe around 1500 but I haven't fully decided yet. The dreaded weigh in was 203.6 ouch again as usual!
Last week was an awesome week. There is an auction house that I buy from all the time that as a thank you put everyones name in a drawing that had purchased 10 things in 2009. I got the phone call last week that I had won a $1000 gift card to a local furniture store. We are so excited but we realized that this will be our first piece of furniture that we pick out together. We have it narrowed down to a new dining tabel set or couch but after a week of debating over what to get we still have no idea.

The day after the gift card winning I went to WalMart and an employee who's daughter has childhood arthritis was doing a drawing to help pay for her medical bills. I gave them $10 for their raffle hoping to win a tv but instead won a little gadget called a bodybugg. If you ever watch the biggest loser it is the band they wear on their arm to track calories burned. I have been wearing it for a few days and it is a really cool little tool. I basically senses heart rate and skin temp. to tell you if you are burning more calories than you are consuming. It costs $250 plus a montly fee to use their internet site so I never would have purchased it for myself. So that was my awesome week.
Well I feel ready to start eating healthy and ready to get moving and losing. So check in every once inawhile as I am BACK!

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