Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 1

Day one went well. No major craving or issues. Shawn and I sat for about an hour last night discussing w.w. vs. counting calories only. I have decided after much discussion that I am going to be doing w.w. but making high fiber choices, more fruits and veggies, and more willingness to try new things. Yesterday I tried a few new things. First I tried cherry peserves on my sunflower seed butter (just like peanut butter but made of sunflower seeds) sandwhich, I am not a chunk in my food kind of person but it was really yummy. For lunch I tried hummus which I new I liked but haven't eaten in a very long time. With dinner I tried freekah which is like wheat kernals before they are prossesed and you eat it like you would rice, it wasn't bad but I don't think I will be eating it again (texture was weird). Last for dessert I had plain greek yogurt with honey on top and frozen berries mixed into it. I am not a chunk fan as I said before so I normally don't eat chunks in yogurt but this was SOOOO yummy. I will for sure have it again if I have a sweet attack.
Today is my first day back to school after the nice long break. I am a little sad to go back because this quarter I have to go 3 nights a week. The days I have school Shawn and I see each other in the morning and then not again until 10:30 pm. I make sure the kids homework is done and when my evening should be hanging out with my family I am off to another long 4 hour class. I honestly wonder why credential classes arent during the day like normal college classes. So with all that I am sad that I am still in school but I know that my future job will be much more satisfying if I do finish.
Well I am off to get kids to school and life going for the day. Thanks for reading, Have a wonderful day.
Just a pic pf my favorite flower to make you happy!

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