Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy birthday Connie

Happy Birthday to my favorite Mother in Law Connie. You are an amazing woman who has showed me a great deal on how to be a mother of 3 boys. You deserve only the best and I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. Can't wait to celebrate with you on Sunday!
With that said on with the daily post.....
I have a headache:( I have that nice feel like poop from dropping my sugar by alot. I have tried coffee, taking a nap, and nothing seems to help. I guess I will just make it through the few days and then know it's just my body getting rid of something I don't need.
So I have awesome news (at least for me it was) my class on Wed. night is being taught by an amazing art educator and because of budget cuts she is teaching the class for free. She was worried about art teachers being unprepared to go into the work field without knowing how to teach art. So the good news is since she is teaching the class for free she has made it only every other Wed. I am so glad that I will have a little less time away from my family than I had expected. I know it seems small but when Pj cried because I had to go to school again it made my heart hurt. I am excited for this class and the chance to really know how to teach art to kids.

As for the diet all is good. I tried something new yesterday that was quite yummy and thought I would share it with you. It is salsa made with corn and it is tomato less. It is sweet and spicy. I love corn and anything with it I am willing to try. I ate it with baked chips but I think it would be great over cream cheese with crackers as well. So if you go to Trader Joe's pick up a jar for around $2.99 and you will be glad you did.
My other favorite is plain Greek yogurt with honey over it. I swear if I eat anymore of it I will be spraying Windex on people and bragging about being Greek.
I wanted to add that I feel so great being back in control of my eating. I have a headache today but it was also the first mornign that I woke up and didn't feel swollen in my stomach from dinner last night. I actually woke up and wanted to eat. I guess this means the no eating in the evening this is going well. Also I do have a little partner in crimem Shawn has been slowly seeing how many calories a day he burns ( thanks to the bodybugg) and trying to eat 500 calories less than that. He has been doing awesome! Now this weekend we have a bday party for a bunch of family members at a pizza place and I bet you money Shawn will not watch what he eats there but he is doing great.
Have a great Thur. Ali

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