Friday, October 24, 2008

Oct. 24, 2008

I am so glad it is Friday and this week is almost over. You know the kind of weeks that just go forever and you never seem to be able to catch up with everything you need to do. I had a paper for school due so the housework fell behind and my art at school fell behind. I am more then likely going to go to school this weekend to catch up on everything. Today is all about laundry and housework. I wish I could just bring a hose in the house and wash it all down or get rid of everything hire someone to clean and then bring everything back in.

So I have some exciting news after the classes I am taking currently I only have 7 classes left until I am totally done with school. Seems like there is an end in sight. I also have some new ceramic work that has been turning out pretty cool. I had a bowl and started cutting at it until I ended up with a bowl that the people at school are now calling the happy bowl. SO I attached a pic so you could check it out. No it isn't done so it will not be that color when it is done. I also threw a really big thing that when I am done will be a water jug with a spout on the front. I attached those pics at the top. It was a 3 step process so they are all the same thing just as it got bigger. I am having a really good quarter in ceramics with lots of new ideas.

As for weight loss I am still going strong. I did have a bean burrito last night for dinner which is totally terrible but I only went over the points by a few so I am not going to beat myself up over it. I am still losing and loving that I can eat real food.

Well I am off to clean and get ready for a busy weekend.


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