Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Oct. 8, 2008
Well I am still here. I made it through 2 successful days. I did really well but was busy so it was alot of snacks like string cheese and hard boiled eggs. I am journaling to keep on track and not go under in my calories.
Yesterday was a crazy day. I went to school at 7am and did the school thing. I got home at 6:30 and the kids were not done with homework. We worked on homework until 7:45, ate dinner, and were nonstop until the kids finally got to bed at 9pm. I was so tired that I melted into the couch with a hot cup of tea and a tv show with Shawn. Our life is crazy but 8 months more of this crazy schedule and then I am afraid it might get worse. I found out that I will be student teaching during the day and doing my credential classes at night. I know I can handle it but man am I going to be busy.
I have .6 pounds until I get to open my 35 pounds lost gift. So tomorrow morning should be an exciting time to wake up.
Have a good day everyone,

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Tiny said...

Way to go Ali! Keep it up and you'll get to your long term goal! Whoo-hoo! :O)