Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oct. 15, 2008
I have come to the realization that low carb dieting is really hard. I can't go out to dinner with my family and eat anything normal. I have a really hard time at school or any occasion when I have to pack food to go with me. Low carb works fast but 1 burrito and I go up 2+ lbs. I need something slow that teaches me to eat properly and that I can live on long term. I am going to the market today and switching to weight watchers. I know it is much slower but my hope is that I don't go off of it for a weekend and gain 5 pound. I also need a little flexability and that plan allows for a little treat here and there. I know Shawn would also like to lose some weight and I am hoping that if the food is in the house maybe he will lose a little without trying. So look for weight watchers posts from here in out. I would also love recipies and ideas if you have any. I know lots of people do weight watchers and have good info for me.
School was cancelled yesterday beecause of fires and wind. I took the whole day to catch up on homework, projects, and papers i have to write. It was a nice break but I was sad to not be at school and working on stuff there I need to get done. Back tomorrow.
I will weigh in tomorrow and start over from scratch with the new plan.
We have a super busy day today. We have homework then soccer and after soccer we have 45 min to get dinner and drive 25 min to church for our Wed. night bible study. Should be hectic but hopefully worth it.
Have a good Wed.

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