Monday, October 13, 2008

Oct. 13, 2008
Man is it windy out here in Fontana. When we first moved here we had no idea that it got as windy as it does. We made a comment to a neighbor after our first night of wind and they made it clear that what we had that night was nothing. Man was he right. I used to hate wind when I was younger it scared me the noises the house would make in the night. Now I enjoy it, it is part of where we live and I get a kick out of this season. So far in this wind storm we have had very few breaking issues or damage to the house. In the past we have lost our gates, they have ripped their bolts out of a concrete wall and blown down a few doors to the neighbors, or broken roof tiles, or bent satellite dishes. Yesterday we woke up to a broken mirror. When we redid the bathroom 2 years ago we had a giant like 6 foot mirror we didn't know what to do with so we put it on the side of the house. A few weekends ago Shawn and I were talking about what to do with that giant mirror. Well the wind took care of it for us. It fell over in the night and shattered all over the side of the house. The clean up wasn't fun but no more mirror:) So I went in the backyard at 7am this morning to take a video of the wind for all of you but realized I looked like an idiot blowing away and freezing so sorry no video.
We had a great weekend. Shawn was supposed to go deep sea fishing on Sat. but drove all the way up there and they had cancelled the boat due to wind. We ended up going fishing with Justin and Brandy, Brandy's sister Jess and her two boys, a friend of theirs and all of our crazy family. We didn't catch anything but it was fun to hang out. After fishing we went to the rodeo with all of Shawn's family. Pj came home wanting to be a tractor, not a cowboy or a horse, but a tractor. The boys had so much fun. Yesterday we went to church in the morning and then a nice day at home with the boys and of course football.
Diet wise I only did ok. I watched what I ate and stuck with diet soda but I did have 2 burritoes and a few cookies. I ate kind of whatever but only a few bites of all of it. I didn't weigh in today. I am giving myself a day back on before I get back on the scale. I definitly could have been better but I also could have been a whole lot worse. So back on today.

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