Monday, February 25, 2008

Feb. 25, 2008
What a weekend.
Sat. we got mexican food from our favorite place for lunch after we did some stuff around the house we had been putting off. Shawn went to a poker party with his boss for the night so I rented a bunch of chick flicks. I started the evening with Hairspray. I thought it was only ok just like the original. Next was Sydney White with Amanda Bynes. It was a cute little teenybopper movie. The boys like it too. Last was Waitress. Cute movie about a lady who likes to bake pies and her life.
Sun. we went to Shawn's work in the am to rearrange furniture because they cleaned the carpet and all the desks and computers were all over the place. Cody had a birthday party to go to so we dropped him off and the other 2 boys and I went to Cable airport to watch theplanes. The weather made it a bust and we only saw 1 plane the whole time. We went and picked up Shawn from work and Cody from his b-day party and then off to a little pizza joint for some family birthdays. What a great birthday. I got great gifts (thanks again to those who are reading this) and of course the food was great.
Ok on the weight side it was a horrific weekend. I didn't diet at all. In fact I over did it the entire weekend. I feel terrible now. Ice cream, pie, chicken nuggets, fries, pizza, burritoes, candy, etc....
See what I mean ouch. So this morning I am debating if I feel like weighing in. I have a strange little trick if I move the scale to the carpet it majorly changes your weight so this morning I was 115 pounds according to the carpet scale. WOrks for me. Ok for real I weighed in at 168.2 yuck. That means I am almost back to where I was at the start of last week. makes me very sad to think I went that crazy. So I wake up this morning ready to get back on track. I can only hope that I do better next weekend.
I added a pic from Sea World last weekend of the boys and myself.

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Tiny said...

Can I please borrow your carpet scale?! hee-hee :O)

BTW, Love the pic of you and the boys from Sea World!