Friday, February 22, 2008

Feb. 22, 2008
I think yesterday was the busiest day of my life. I had a cup of coffee before I left for school. I didn't take a break in photography. I went to a clay meeting during my normal lunch break but because I was kind of running it didn't get to eat lunch. I left ceramics at 5pm to go get Pj from the sitter. I got home and had to put together Garrett's science fair display with him while pizza was in the oven for the family. We got the display done about the time dinner was ready. The family ate while I put all the craft supplies away. The kids went to play and I almost ate pizza but decided no and made my dinner. They see these new steam ziplock bags that you throw raw chicken and veggies into and in 5 min. they are tender and yummy so I did that for dinner. So around 7 pm I sat down for the first time all day and got to eat my 1st meal of the day. I did cheat a little after the craziness I had a small brownie bite that has been calling my name all week. What a day.
Today the plan is homework, laundry, clean the house, take Cody to the dentist, karate tonight, and fit in meals and a shower at some point. Oh well I guess that is my life.
I weighed in this morning at 162.0 so down another pound from my not eating. It is funny because I know a few people who have tried this diet and it worked ok for them but not great. I guess I am really lucky to have found a diet that agrees with my body and I see enough results to want to stick with it. I am scared about the weekend but I willl elt you know how it goes on Monday,
Have a good weekend.

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