Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Feb. 13, 2008
I am so sore this morning. Yesterday I worked on the wheel for the entire day. I have not worked on the wheel in like 5 months. You don't realize how many muscles you are using until the next day. Ouch. I have a new project. I have to make anything on the wheel that is wide and tall. I was not to thrilled with having to make something so big but I was looking around and got the idea to make a birdbath. How fun will that be. So now I am excited to get it started.
So on Monday I decided to go shorts shopping. I had no shorts for this awesome weather we have been getting. So while I was there I decided to try on a few bathing suits. Lets just say that I am restarting my diet next Monday. Not a fun experiance. So starting Monday I will be offficially restarting my diet so look for my daily weight and all that good stuff starting Tues. I am actually ready to get back and finish getting the rest of the weight off.
Alright well I am off to get the kids on the bus

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