Monday, February 18, 2008

Feb. 18, 2008
Well Monday is here and that means the start of my diet is here again. I woke up this morning and jumped on the scale. Ahhhh 169.8 yikes I had a bad weekend.
Friday Shawn and I decided to look into going to Seaworld on Sat. with the boys. We found out that they have a deal if you go for a day you get the rest of the year for free. Sat. we went to Sea world. We had so much fun. We saw all the shows and the older boys went on their first rollercoaster. Garrett is still talking about how he can't believe he actually went on it. To tell you the truth so were we.
Sun. we decided to take the boys over to the racetrack and have a picnic and relax by the playground. What a fun day we had. The weather was great and the boys love to just go play.
Today the boys have the day off from school. We have a report to write for Cody today and a doll to make out of clay. Garrett has a science experiment to do that we have known about for about a month and we still have not started. We have until Friday to get it all done and make a board to take to school. Hopefully we can get a giant chunk done today and finish the rest through the week.
Well please pray I make it through the next few days as far as my diet is concerned. I have gone right back to all my bad habits in the last month. I drink reg. soda and eat whatever I want. I also went back to a bowl of cereal every night as a snack. I am dissapointed in myself that I went right back to all the stuff that got me to 216 pound in the first place. I was 20 pounds from my goal now I am 36 pounds from my goal. Kind of makes me want to throw a little mini fit and get angry at myself but I am not going to. I am going to do good and get to my goal. Period...
Have a good Monday,

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