Monday, February 4, 2008

Feb. 4, 2008
Hey everyone,
Well what a fun weekend we had. George was amazing as usual. We stayed up late, ate too much, and had alot of fun, but you know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in vegas. Just kidding. In a wrap up we went to the concert, I got asked out by a Texan in the elevator had to tell him no I am married, That was fun. A man died 2 rooms down from us in his sleep. I think that is about it.
I have been sick since Thur. and it dampered my weekend. I am going to the doc today because on top of being sick I am really dizzy. So much so that to do anything I feel like I have to hold on for the ride. It is like when you stand up to fast and get a head rush but all the time. So I am going to go in this morning and see what is up.
well off to get ready for the day.

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