Thursday, February 4, 2010

gardening and movies

What a great week I have had so far. Sunday we went to our good friends Chris and Ali's new house. They bought a house on Monrovia with an amazing yard. Let's just say that after seeing all the work they have done it made me come home and eye my front garden. Monday morning I woke up with a mission. Pj and I went to Home Depot and picked all kids of pretty flowers. We came home and then I looked at the area and remembered I haven't done anything with it in like 2 years. It was so much work but I love it now. I have however spent much of the week trying to recover. My muscles hurt worse than any workout.
     Tues. Pj started preschool. He wasn't thrilled when I picked him up but adjustment time I figured. Well turns out he got in trouble the first day and the teacher yelled at him because he was sticking his tongue out with another little boy (Pj knows him from church and they came to our home bible study) needless to say Pj woke up yesterday and cried because he didn't want to go back. What genius teacher yells at a kid his first day? anyways we pulled Pj from the school after 2 days. The program also prided itself on lots of outdoor time. There "playground" was a cement slab the size of a bathroom with no toys.  So Pj and I are going to be homeschooling for preschool until he starts kinder in the fall.  
     Yesterday I watched a movie that I loved! I honestly think it is my top 5 movies now. It is called Julie and Julia, It is about Julia Childs (the cook) and a woman who vows to cook and blog her way through one of Julia's cookbooks. I highly recommend it. Shawn like it too.
Other than that we are trying to plan something fun for my birthday on Sunday. We figure that since it is superbowl we might be able to go to Disneyland or Knotts and not hit nearly as many people. Well see.
     On a great note my Grandpa is out of the hospital. He was released yesterday and is now living at a more lenient home for senior citizens. It isn't an old folks home. He has his own room with a beautiful patio. His meals are all served in a dining room and they have lots of activities like poker. I hope he is happy there. My grandpa is an punk some times and isn't ready to let go of his independence.  
I am off to work on homework. Shool is going well. I have some great ideas which make it more bearable. I woke up this morning sick with a cold and cough so I am hoping to get stuff done early and maybe email it to a friend to take to class for me. Well see how I am feeling at the end of the day.

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