Tuesday, February 23, 2010

before i forget Cody is getting an award for scoring 100% on his math standard testing last year in school and highly advanced in all other subjects. This is a huge deal and not many students in California do it. So yay for Cody.
Day one down
I got up yesterday and started my day with black tea, it's not coffee but it has half the caffeine until I can break caffeine all the way. Even if I make tea for the rest of my life I haven't ever heard of tea addictions. For breakfast I ate 2 eggs over a piece of Ezekiel toast, and a banana. I was doing great and felt really full.
11am I remembered I had to eat a snack so I grabbed some raw cashews (raw is healthier than roasted it keeps all the nutrients) and some dried apple rings. Something that I ate triggered my hungryness because all I wanted to do after that was eat more.
Lunch I made the yummiest salad and I am sure I will eat the same one again today. It had chicken, fresh motz cheese, some tomato, cucumber, avocado, and a splash of apple cider vinegar. It was fresh and so good. The avocado made it. It filled me up and I was good once again.
My afternoon snack was a coconut milk yogurt (it's easier for the tummy to digest than milk) and some dried mango's. I am trying new things and mango's was one of them. I always say I don't like fruit and fresh mango's are not my thing at all. Dried mango's taste like candy. I was pleasantly surprised.
For dinner I had a taco in a bowl, I had chicken, brown rice, beans, sour cream, and all the veggies, topped with lime juice. I didn't miss the tortilla or cheese at all.
Now last night after baseball Shawn and I were chilling on the couch watching Castle (one of my fav. shows) this is the time I normally have a Pepsi, popcorn, ice cream, basically my yummy relaxing treat for the day. I was DYING. I wanted to eat sooooo badly. I even went back and added my calories up again to see if there was any wiggle room. I checked my bodybugg arm band to see how many calories I actually burned through the day. I burned 2600 because i was sitting a lot of the day doing homework. I ate 2100 calories. I couldn't really afford to eat anything else so I pouted and then went to bed at 10.
Here are my accomplishments for the day.
- I didn't drink any coffee (ok little lie there, I did take one sip after buying creamer that I can have, it was so bad I dumped it out)
- I didn't drink any soda.
- I took my vitamins and drank 100 oz. of water.
- I didn't give in and eat on the couch.
- at baseball practice instead of sitting on the bleachers and freezing I walked to warm up. It was only about a half of on hour but it was something.
So I made it through day one ( I feel like I say this all the time)
Sorry if this post was boring I needed to journal and keep a log of my food, plus it gives you all ideas, right?
Anyways here's to day two,

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