Sunday, July 26, 2009

I recently was having a discussion with some family about what we as Christians should do in a situation where someone confides in us when they are going through troubles in their marriage. We as a group decided that this situation is one that can't be handled by one person in the marriage but has to be a team effort on both of your parts.
Last week I was talking to someone that Shawn knows who is going through some rough relationship stuff and has been confiding in him about it. I know this person very little but ran into them last week. When we were briefly talking this person was telling me how awesome my husband is and how enviouse they are of our relationship. This really bothered me and really made me think back to the discussion with my family. Something felt off and uncomfertable so I went to Shawn and explained what I was feeling about the situation. He of course said I have nothing to worry about but he made a suggestion that I wasn't to keen on but prayed about all weekend. This person was having a birthday party for their child and invited my family.
Well Shawn was in Portland for the weekend visiting Jim and Kim so the party was a no in my mind.
Friday I was talking with Shawn while he was in Portland and was explaining that I wasn't sure why but her comments were still really weighing on my mind. Shawn said well I know what I think you should do. I jokingly said go to the party and laughed. Shawn's answer was I never would ask you to go without me but if it is still on your mind there has to be a reason. I hung up a little upset that he would even ask me to do that without him. I prayed and thought about it all night and even had dreams about it. I woke up a little upset because I knew that I had to do and as a Christian I knew what God wanted me to do.
Sat morning the kids and I went to the Christian bookstore and picked up a dvd and stuffed animal for her son. After picking up the gift we headed to the party. The kids had a ton of fun and I'll admit that I had some good conversations and it was fun. I know I did what God wanted and I felt at peace the entire time. The issues that I had have gone away and I feel like I had the chance to talk about the Holy Spirit and how she needs to get her kids and herself into a church.
I know we all go through struggles with what we know is what we should do but I did what I didn't want and feel so much better now. I also know that she knows that Shawn and I are a team and that she can come to US with her problems.
Just had to share.

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