Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I have been slow to post recently and I am sorry. I can't seem to get back on the diet. Typical Ali behavior. I weighed in at the end of the beach at 183 and weighed in this morning at 183, at least I am staying the same. Logically I know I need to go back on but I keep reasoning with myself about it. My grad party is on Sat and I am getting food in the house for a Monday start.
What have we been up to? We had a great 4th of July party at our house with all the family, we had a great 3rd of July baseball game, and we went to my brother and Brandy's baby shower on the 5th. Busy weekend but so much fun. The most fun was watching the kids be old enough to be in charge of lighting the fireworks.
I am working on homeschooling the boys for the summer and it is going well so far.
Last we have two boys with ear infections. Cody and Pj both have swimmers ear and the meds are taking a long time to work. Please pray for them to start healing and for the pain to go away.
Now for a big admission, Shawn and I have tried many churches since moving but never found one that we liked. We had gotten tot he point of giving up because we were frustrated with not finding what we were looking for even though we were out there looking. We decided last Sunday to try the church closest to our house again. It is a mega church which isn't our favorite but it also has a ton of kids programs and is less than 5 min away from the house. We really enjoyed it there. The kids had fun. We are no matter what giving it a 3 month trial run and then will decide if it works for us. Shawn and I have never really been a great couple in God. We do things seperatly but we are starting to work on praying and reading together. I will admit that I am scared of God. When I was younger ever time my Mom would go to church or read a Christian book bad things would happen to our family. It has stuck in my head and I am really working with God to get through this crazy fear. I read yesterday "A woman that fears God is to be praised" God and I are working together to make me a better Christian and a great Christian wife, woman, and Mother. I want my kids to see God in our lives and we are on a road to being better Christians. Ok with that off my chest I need to go homeschool the kids.
Ill catch ya later.

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Tiny said...

Wow Ali. Reading your blog this morning put things into perspective for me. Lately, you and Shawn have been so heavily impressed upon my heart in terms of your relationship with God. I wasn't sure why since I knew you were both already Christians but I've felt strongly compelled to pray for you both none-the-less. Now that I'm aware of what's been going on in your heart lately my prayers for you can be much more specific. Amazing how God works, huh?! Anyhow, much love to you all...