Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Cody!!!!!
Last night Shawn and I watched the movie Fireproof. What a good make you feel good kind of movie. We liked it so much that we are planning on buying it for one of the girls at Shawn's work who is going through some bad marriage stuff right now. I love the idea of not only relying on God but giving in when things are bad and making people try at a marriage.
I am so excited for a few reasons today. I will tell you something that many of you do not know. I can't pray out loud, never have. I have never prayed with my kids or husband out loud. They pray in front of me and I pray in my head and say Amen. It's not that I don't pray at all, it's is extremely hard for me to pray out loud. I have never prayed out loud in a group EVER. Scares me to death. Well I have been really working on this area in my life. Cody woke up with an ear ache a few nights ago and it took me 45 min. to ask Shawn but I prayed with him out loud for Cody. Last night at dinner I prayed for the meal out loud with my family. I know they are baby steps and I have no plans to pray in a big group but God is working in my life and giving me courage to be the wife and Mom I need to be.
Ok so the second reason I am so excited today is that on Sat. is my big graduation celebration. Whoo hoo. We are taking 60 people to Quakes stadium to see a baseball game and have all you can eat BBQ. It doesn't seem realy yet becuse I haven't had to work at all. I am so excited to see everyone and celebrate my accomplishments with the people who not only mean the most in my life but also the ones who without I wouldn't have made it to my college graduation. I will post pics on Monday as well as do some W.W. talk as I will be restarting the diet on Monday.
Have a great weekend,

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