Monday, July 20, 2009

Isn't it funny how God works in our lives? Shawn and I started working at our new churches VBS last night. We are both group leaders. Shawn is a leader to 12 4th grade kids and had 3 7th grade helpers, I have 17 3rd graders and 2 junior helpers. We learned about Gidion and the kids had so much fun. I came home energized and ready to go back, I have a great group of kids that all listen and can stand still for more than 4 min. Shawn on the other hand has decided after one night that kids are not his calling:) He had fun but his patience was tested. Anyways I am explaining to children what baptism is and how you can ask God into your heart. It is refreshing to see how without much effort the Holy Spirit get's into their little hearts and how easily they believe.
So we gave offering for the first time in awhile now that we have a church we are calling home. Now I am really bad about getting the house mail so when we got home last night I decided tog et the mail. How amazing was it that we recieved some checks in the mail that equal up to the exact amount we had givin. I am always leary about giving 10% because it is suck a large amount, I mean we could buy a new car if we didn't give, but we gave and we know that God is watching over us.
Ok so for the Non God stuff j/k
I still have no desire to diet, I just can't get back into it. We are going away camping with our family in about 2 weeks and I am thinking that I will use the away time to vamp myself back up and catch up on reading about the diet and stuff. We will see.
My tooth is feeling so much better, I go back in 3 weeks to get it finished but for now no pain at all, such a great feeling.
alright well I am off to look for some little inexpensive gifts for my VBS kids,

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