Monday, August 24, 2009

Well it's official. Shawn and I are going to have a small goup Bible study in our house. We had been saying how in a church so large we really needed to get into a Bible study. Well our dilemma is it had to be on Wed and it had to allow you to bring children. Not one of the studies fit what we needed. We thought about it and talked with a bunch of people in the church and yesterday we signed up and went to our training. We are one of a handful of studies that will allow familes with children to come. The best part is because we are about 5 min from the house the elementary - high school age kids can go to a program at the chuch while the parent and little ones come to our house. We have already been told that we will fill up rather quickly because of the kids stuff.
Lets see what else has been going on. The kids are all in full force sports, and school. Life is busy, busy, busy all the time. I am officially accepted as a credential student at Cal State San Bernardino and start in Sept. I have to be honest that I am not thrilled with the idea of going back. The credential program is very intense. From Sept through Dec. I will be going 1 day and 3 nights a week. Jan through June I will be going to school at night and teaching as a student teacher in the classroom from 8-3 5 days a week. I am not sure how I am going to be the Mom I want to be, the wife I want to be, and the person at home I want to be while my schooling is so intense. We shall see!
So we had some unexpected expenses with the kids going back to school, sports, band, life, you know how it works. We have been doing cheap and simple meals with having practive every night of the week. My eating has not been in contol since the beginning of the summer. I am going to be starting weight watchers on Sept. 1st. I am hoping to go to meetings but I am not sure if finances will allow for it. I am waiting and praying for what to do. I will post again on Sept. 1st with all my new diet news and ideas. I am hoping to be refreshed from a summer of bad eating and no exercise. So look for Me on Sept. 1st with a whole new attitude.


Renata said...

I will be with you on your journey. I always love your positivity, and I find it very encouraging. See you September 1st :)

Tiny said...

Hey Ali. How'd your first bible study on Wednesday go? That's awesome that you guys are starting one up at your place. :O) Also, how are things going on the diet front? You've been in my thoughts. Take care and let's try to talk soon.