Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I have commitment issues. I signed a contract with a few people to not cheat and do well for 6 weeks. It is not going well. I am angry that someone else is telling me how to diet. Not in a mean way but it just isn't my terms so I am bitter and mad. It isn't that someone is telling me it is just that I have no will power and don't want I admit that I cheated.I like to do things on my terms and on my time and right now I am not feeling like dieting and so there.
Ok now that I ranted I 'll tell you about my week.
The kids are back at school. I am glad they are back but also a little off on my schedule and stuff. Brandy went into the hospital Sun. to have my niece and she still is there this morning. Still no baby. They are inducing but doing it very slowly. Hoping today will be the day. I'll keep ya posted. We start soccer practice for Cody this week among with Porter baseball so we are busy with practices monday - thursday from now until December. Life is crazy and it wouldn't be life if it wasn't, right?
Well I will post again later.

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