Friday, February 13, 2009

I thought Wed. was a hard day until I had to go through Thur. I spent the day at home with sick PJ. We went to the doctor but other then that we were just at home hanging out. I found myself eating alot of veggies and drinking coffee and crystal light to get through the day. At 6 pm Garrett had a baseball parent meeting for his team that we had to go to. At the end of the meeting they hand us our fundraiser which is 30 candybars. I spent the rest of the night staring and thinking about those stupid candies.
I found a new yummy lunch that I have eaten the last few days. I steam rice in my rice cooker and then in the steam basket I put asparagas and zucchini. When it is done cooking I top the veggies with some spray butter and 2T parmeshan cheese. The rice gets the flover of the butter and cheese from beung under the veggies when I top them.
I weighed in the same today as I did the last 2 days. 194.
well wish me luck with the weekend, Cody's baseball meeting is at a pizza place so that should be fun.

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