Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 2 went fantastic. I packed a few protein bars and some carrots and that was my food for the day. Lucky for me when I am at school I am to busy to get hungry. I got home at 8 and was starving so I ate my lean cuisine and was good for the night. I find it hard at night becasue I want to snack alot. I am going to buy some 94% fat free kettle corn today for my night time munching.
We have a few friends coming over today to watch the USA in the world cup soccer match. We are cooking some carne asada, rice, and beans. I am going to buy chicken because it is much better then carne diet wise. I am also going to use low fat beans and make my rice with no oil. Basically I will be making diet food for all without them knowing what I am doing.
This morning when I got on the scale I was expecting to losse a bit but not to much because of all the fiber I had yesterday. 194 even yeah for me. I know it won't keep up this way bit thats ok. If I can lose 6-8 pounds a month I should be pretty close to my goal by our summer vacation and my college graduation.
Have a fantastic day,

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