Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good morning everyone,
What a difference 8 hours of sleep can do for you, as I stretch a nice big stretch and yawn.
Yesterday went really well. I did start my diet in the morning but didn't actually make it to the market until 3pm. I did alot of skinny coffee and very little else until we got home. I found myself heading to the kitchen alot not for food but for juice or soda, lots of endless calories.
Here is my recipe for the day---

Whole Wheat pepperoni pizza
buy trader Joes whole wheat premade but raw pizza dough you get 1/2 of the bag
1/4 c. trader Joes pizza sauce, which is directly next to the dough
1/2 c. low fat motzerella
5 slices of pepperoni
whatever veggies you want to add on top, I had onion, mushroom, and shoudl have added some garlic
Throw it all together in a 425 degree over for about 15 min. Here is the trick put the oven rack as low down in the oven as it will go. If you do this you get crispy crust that is really yummy and not chewy.

So as I go into the bathroom this morning and stripped off my cloths (hey clothes can weigh 5 + pounds) I wasn't expecting much becasue it has only been 1 day well 196.2 for a 3 pound loss so far. That type of weigh in makes it much easier to keep going. I know it is all water and more then likely the beer and junk food coming off but hey 3 pounds makes me feel fantastic so I don't care how they come off.
Today I am off to school. My dilemma at school is no time to eat. I typically do a protein bar in between classes as I rush to the next room. I am going to pack some stuff today like carrots, and yogurt, I'll lwt you know tomorrow how it goes.

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