Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb. 16, 2009
Lets just say the weekend did not go well at all. We had a ton of family fun. We went to a hockey game, the kids first baseball meeting, Valentines dinner, and alot of free time together. I was careful on Sat. morning but by the afternoon forget the diet, it was out the window. Today I am sad that I didn't stick to it but I had so much fun with my family I really on the other hand don't care. It is now Monday and a whole new day.
Our electricity went out last night and was out for most of the night, we had kids all over our floor and I didn't sleep very well knowing that when it did finally come on every light in the house and 2 tv's were going to come on. The kids acted like it was the end of the world because we had no electricity, it wass pretty funny. At our old house we had a ritual of evey time the electricity went out we would make popcorn the old fashioned way, our lights went out like at least once a week. I was bummed becasue I was out of popcorn.
We over all had a great weekend. Sat we went to play baseball with the kids in the morning as a family. At noon Cody and I went to hos baseball meeting for his new team funny enough he is on the same team as one of our good friends sons Marcus, so we will have a friend in crime with 3 practices a week plus games. Sat night we went to one of our hockey games and they won in overtime. Sun we weren't able to make it to church because Pj and Garrett are sick, we rented movies and hung out, we did make time to go to Chili's for a margarita and mini cheeseburgers as our Valentines dinner. We had fun and that's what counts. I am kind of glad I didn't try to count points sometimes I feel like I am a burden on everyone when it takes me forever to order. My kids did give me a nice compliment this weekend, they said "Mom you don't need to diet, you aren't fat". Hey it made me feel good. So as of today I am back at square one and starting over yet again.
Have a great rainy Monday I have a ton of homework to catch up on,

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Tiny said...

How funny that we are so often on the same page. Don't beat yourself up about this weekend; just start afresh today. Yesterday doesn't matter. Today is a blank slate and you'll make choices that will bring you towards your goal or away from it. Over time, little victories add up to big wins (or losses in this case!) You can be victorious TODAY! :O)