Friday, December 5, 2008

Dec. 5, 2008
My poor Mom. She called me last night in melt down mode. After talking to her for a few hours I think she felt a little bit better. She came home to a broken fence a few days ago in her back yard, she fixed it and talked to neighbors to see how it had broken, it was a mountain lion. My mom had a mountain lion in her back yard. She is freaked out and can't take Abby out in the night time because she is really scared to get attacked. She also reallized that a puppy was more then she can handle right now so we now are the proud owners of a new puppy. We are going to take her for a week and see if she fits with our dogs and family. So for now we are not telling the kids that she is ours we are telling them that she is visiting until they find the mountain lion.
Well I am off to get our visiting puppy.
Have a good friday,

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