Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dec. 3, 2008

Happy Holidays. I decided to revamp the blog for the upcoming holidays. I am really torn as to what I should do about dieting over the holiday. I can either go really crazy, eat well, exercise, and just all around be really good over the holiday. The other option is to live it up during the holidays and while I am out of school for Christmas, eat cookies, enjoy eggnog lattes, and do the normal holiday activities without guilt. I am leaning towards the later. I don't want to torture myself and not eat like the rest of my family. I am thinking that After the 1st I will be 100% commited to dieting and getting thin for my graduation, beach trip, and all that good stuff that is coming up in the near future. I may gain a few but I am going to start in Jan as a whole new dieter, exerciser, and I am going to get my family involved.

I had my ceramics sale yesterday at school. I made $100 bucks. Not great but better then nothing. The necklaces did well but my gingerbread men ornaments went so fast I ran out at about 11am and had people asking me to make more before Christmas for them. I have 2 ideas either I should have made more or charged more for them. So I am going to try to make about 25 more to sell before the holidays are in full swing.

What else is going on in life. My Mom got a puppy for her boyfriend for his birthday. The best part was the dog was at a shelter by us so we got to go pick her up and spend a day with her before we took her to Bob on his borthday. He named her Abby. If the shelter had more of her I might of come home with one for me. She is the cutest little dog and the kids had a blast with her.
Last we started decorating for the holidays. We are actually late this year. We almost always decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving but decided to use our Seaworld season tickets one more time before they expired. We had fun and the kids love it there. So we are not decorating and getting lights and trees up this weekend.
Well off to study for finals next week,

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