Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well I have been at it again. Sewing that is! Shawn and I have been thinking of ways for me to help out the family, be a stay at home mom, and finish school all at once. I decided that since ceramics is very hard to do in my garage and really pricey I would sew. I have sewn almost all of my life. My mom used to sew everything for us and it was actually part of her major in college. I took home economics in junior high so I know the basics. What I didn't know is that I am pretty good at looking at something and recreating it without a pattern. I have been looking online, at Target, and other places and putting my favorite ideas together to make new items. So far I have purses, diaper bags, nursing covers (for breastfeeding), camera strap covers, and coffee cup sleeves. I am  hoping that some of the items start selling so I know what to keep sewing and what was a flop. I think today I am going to make a messenger bag and later this week I am going to make a black corduroy purse with cherries on it.
What else has been going on? I started back to school so I am gone Monday and Thursday at night. I am almost half way done with my credentials. Yay! I feel like it is taking forever but at least I am going somewhere.
We went on our annual Easter vacation with the boys. We had a great time for the most part. I had a cold from Friday on so I was a little bummer but the kids swam, played all kinds of games, and played the weekend away. The kids were in the pool for our fun little earthquake so they didn't know what was going on. Here is a pic of easter morning, please excuse Garrett I can't get him to take a normal pic for the life of me.
Well I am off to get to real life,

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