Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan. 5th, 2009
Happy New Year. What a great Christmas and New Year we had. We ate and celebrated in style by spending alot of time at home getting yards cleaned and celebrating New Years with a few close friends.
The boys returned to school this morning and I start back to school next week. I guess this means the holiday season is officially over.
I am going to the market today and gettin ready for our diet start tomorrow morning. We were going to start today but I never made it to the market this weekend so with everything back to normal today I have free time to catch up on market, and all that fun house stuff.
I am actually ready to start my diet tomorrow. For Chrismtas we got a Wii fit that I said I would use instead of the treadmill to try to help the knee pain I get when I run, I also am going to try to get some more out of the house exercising done by taking Abby for lots of walks to get her leash trained and used to people on the street.
Well I am off to get the house in order and market trip done. Look for tomorrows post with my new start weight and all that fun stuff i love to share with the world.

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